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Using the Phone Book: Best Tips & Tricks

July 27, 2019 Posted by Pamela M

 The Yellow PagesNot so long ago, people used books to find phone numbers. Google and other search engines have replaced those books although there are still some uses for them. Although it sounds silly, the question is: do you know how to use a phone book?

White Pages

The telephone book has white pages and yellow pages. The phone book was separated into two sections. One section contains an alphabetical listing of names, phone numbers and addresses of the area’s residents, while the other section contains similar listings of local businesses. People can choose to omit their numbers from the white pages. People could access unpublished numbers through an operator or similar service, while unlisted numbers are private.

Business listings may also appear in the yellow pages, but many do not pay for the additional listing. The listing contains the business name, address, and phone number.

Yellow Pages

The yellow pages are reserved for businesses and some organizations. The listings in the yellow pages are also alphabetical, but grouped by category. For example, all mechanics would be categorized under the mechanic heading; some categories are sub-categories. People use yellow pages to find products and services in their area. The businesses also use the yellow pages for business information and often advertise or offer coupons and special deals.

Online Services

Companies print phone books in certain areas of the country, although they are being phased out in favor of online services. Phone books are seen as wasteful and unnecessary nowadays. Apps have replaced some services because they offer extra features like tracing a phone number or blocking calls.

The White Pages offers access to cell phone numbers, landline numbers, family members and associates, criminal and background information, age, email information, and more.

The Yellow Pages online publishes its traditional phone directory in an online format. The site has business information by category and also offers maps, directions, and information on local attractions.

Searching the Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages functions like Yelp and other sites, allowing you to search your area for specific businesses. You can filter results by location, ratings, etc. The site also lists company information, special offers and web addresses.

How to Find Someone

You can find people or businesses easily using both methods. Companies publish books for a specific town, city or region. The listings are in alphabetical order. The online services offer a free search that can be used in a couple different ways. You can search by the person’s last name, by phone number, or by address. When you search by address, you must have the full address including city and zip code.

An Important Service

You can get information on people and local businesses using any of the services. It’s good to know how to use all of them in case you don’t have access to the internet or need to find an unfamiliar business based on the category, such as a gas station or restaurant. Companies continue to improve their services which allow us the access we need to make our lives easier.

Old Phone Books

Smartphones make it easy to find and create a telephone directory. It’s easy to search other cities and states. For example, a local telephone directory won’t contain numbers in Seattle, New York City or San Francisco. Additionally, keeping an electronic telephone book takes up less space.

Alternate Uses

People make use of old phone books in a number of interesting ways. Below are some uses for old phone books that won’t clutter up your home.

  1. Crumple up phone book pages and use them to start a fire in the fireplace.
  2. Booster seat. Phone books make great booster seats for small children at the dining room table.
  3. Art projects: paper can be used for dozens of art projects including papier-mâché, coasters, origami, wreaths, paper flowers, or art originals. Kids love to make confetti. Why spend money on regular paper?
  4. Drummer’s Practice Pad. Phone books are portable and quieter than a drum.
  5. Secret safe. Hollow out the center of the phone book to hide valuables.
  6. Newspapers and phone book pages are good additives to mulch. They can also be laid out under mulch to prevent weeds from poking through. Note: since the pages contain ink, use them in flower beds instead of a vegetable garden.
  7. Clean Your Windows. Like newspaper, phone book pages are great for leaving windows streak-free.
  8. Animal bedding. Shredded paper makes for good animal bedding. It’s an insulator and bio-degradable. If you don’t have pets, consider donating the books to a farm or animal shelter.
  9. Car reference. While it’s second nature to use a smartphone to find a phone number, there will be times when carrying a phone book in the car makes sense. This is particularly true if you travel in rural areas where phone service is spotty or non-existent.
  10. School projects. Check with local schools. They may want to use old books for class or art projects. The books are filled with valuable information, maps, and other art.

Opt Out

You can opt out of receiving annual phone books. Cancel delivery of telephone books by going to Yellow Pages Opt Out. Fill out and submit a short form.

Phasing Out Phone Books

Most people think phone books are a thing of the past. They do have a place in homes, businesses and schools. They’re a good place to find all your personal numbers at a glance. Also, older people with landlines or those without smartphones still have a need for phone books. Printed copies are on the decline and will eventually be phased out. For today, there is still a need.