Identifying unknown cell phone number

January 18, 2015 Posted by communicator

New advances in technology have made it possible and easy to locate a cell phone number position as well as the identity of the owner. Technological breakthrough and the inclusion of GPS in most mobile phones have improved the chances of acquiring the exact location of the phone under scrutiny. The technique is mostly based on the signals coming from the local transmission towers, triangulation can be carried out, and the exact position identified. There are numerous services on the internet that offer location tracking, they may differ in appearance , interface and terms , however they use the information from telecommunication companies to determine the location of a certain number. In the past, the process of tracing a cell number was difficult because the only way to gain access was to buy equipment and the equipment in question was closely guarded by official of the organization such as the federal bureau or police. The principle behind cell phone tracking is that the firm uses information gathered from the telecom company and the information usually includes location of the cell as calculated by triangulation and the GPS location if the cell has one.

There are numerous reasons why people want to trace a phone number, one of them might be finding the location of a relative or children, while you are out you can keep track of the location of the child to ensure their safety. Moreover, there are companies that use this information to track employees when they are working from a remote location that may be risky. The methodology of GPS technology in the modern cellular phones largely varies from operator and cell phone manufacturer. Some operators prefer not to transmit the location of a subscriber from time to time, while other phones have the capability of muting the location to avoid detection. However, when the person makes an emergency call the location is transmitted to the operator and their location can be identified. One of the easiest methods of tracking cell numbers is to use the internet; there are free phone directories on the internet that can help identify the location of the subscriber. There are numerous cell phone directories online that can be used to trace the location of a certain subscriber be it for lawful reasons or work reasons. In some scenarios, the person looking for the number is charged monthly or annual subscription since the directory is regularly updated and they tend to very precise and accurate. Moreover, the company may give you additional information such as the name and the address of the user, which can help to block unwanted calls or issue a warrant or restriction.