Understanding Reverse Phone Lookups: What Is It And How Does It Work?

December 21, 2014 Posted by communicator

Interested in finding out who owns that new phone number on your caller ID? Or maybe you’ve been receiving unwanted texts from a strange number and want to find out who the user is? Thankfully, there are several easy ways you can do this. One is by using an iPhone app to find the owner of a phone number, a service that enables you to get the person’s details, including their name & address. Although typically easier (and cheaper) for landline numbers, it’s possible to get information for cell phone numbers too.

How to lookup landline numbers

There are several easy ways in which you can get information about a landline phone number. They include:

  1. Using the search engines

Simply type in the number in the search field of your favorite search engine (Google,Bing,Yahoo! or others) , making sure that numbers are separated by hyphens .Once you hit enter, you should see results which may include the name and street address of the owner of the phone. Note that with the search engines, you can only get results for some unlisted numbers. However, you can use other searches below the result to get more information about the person or company.

  1. Using websites 

There are a number of websites that offer the reverse lookup service. To use, all you have to do is type in the landline number and you’ll be given the individual’s name, address and even a map link for driving directions. There may be “an advanced search” function that can provide additional information about that person such as their cell phone and unlisted numbers, or other personal information. This is typically a paid function, and the pricing plan may vary (some will require you to pay for each search while others may require a yearly fee for unlimited lookup)

How to lookup mobile phone numbers

In general, cell phone numbers are a bit harder to search as, unlike landline numbers, they’re issued by separate mobile phone companies instead of interlocking systems of phone companies. However, it’s very possible to get information about the phone’s owner.One way is to use websites that provide the service .Simply go to one of the sites, type in the exact phone number and you’ll see results (usually phone owner’s name & address).

This is typically a paid service, and you may be asked to pay a one-time/yearly fee depending on the site you’re using. If the charges seem too high, don’t hesitate to check another website. A reputable site will not charge you for searches that do not yield the information you’re looking for.