Safety First – Reverse Phone Lookups on iPhone

January 12, 2015 Posted by communicator

There are a lot of people around you. Some of them are known to you and others are unknown. Others you would really like to get to know. Some of these people are out to harm you and others are out to help you. You can’t really know who is who unless you get to know them first. The quickest way to keep in touch with someone now is through the handy gadget in your pocket – your mobile phone.

Phones have, since their invention, provided the world with a means of communication to people very far away. Now with mobile phone technology, you can contact someone on the other side of the planet with ease. However, this means that someone you don’t want to contact or you don’t want to talk to can also find you quite easily. If you find a mystery number on your phone (a missing caller ID for example) it can be very disconcerting.

Of course it could be an old friend who is calling to catch up but whose number is lost or who replaced their number. Alternatively it could be someone you really don’t want to get in touch with like a stalker. How do you sift through these random caller IDs and not have to call every single one? With an app that provides reverse phone lookups on iPhone or android smart phone.

This handy feature can look up the number dialing yours and locate them for you so you know exactly who this person is, their details (you know, in case you need to call the authorities) and their location. If it really is an old friend, you will see their name displayed and you can know it is safe to call back. If it is a person you don’t recognize, you can as well look up their photograph for identification. Alternatively, some apps allow you to connect with your friends and see if any of them know the caller.

If you still have no idea, you can always check and see if they have been reported before and how often. Someone who has been reported too often should probably not be called back and you can effectively block them. Your personal contacts will also know that you have blocked and/or reported this person (you have the option of letting them know as well) and they will be careful not to direct them to you if any of them are contacted.

Knowing who is on the other end of a phone line is very important since you have no idea which one of the seven billion plus people on the planet (besides you) is calling you. Keep yourself and your friends safe with the reverse phone lookups feature available in your app store for download and/or purchase.