Why You Need To Have iphone reverse phone number lookups

December 29, 2014 Posted by communicator

The reverse iPhone lookups is one of the latest stand-alone apps, which is dedicated to help phone users identify those who have texted or called them. The app is able to identify more than 100 million phone numbers for free. iPhone reverse phone number lookups app offers a premium app for most of hard-to-identify mobile as well as unpublished numbers. If you’re a big fan of iPhone then you will among the people who will enjoy this app for free. The reverse phone number lookup is among the many great apps that come with iPhone. Below are some of the popular reverse phone lookups on the iPhone;

• Who called me

This iPhone app is capable of looking up for names, cell phone numbers and addresses from various online sources such as wikis and phone databases. Reverse number lookups stand out from the rest because of its ability to look for vital information from various sources as opposed to other apps that search from one source. This app is very useful when it comes to identifying the people who are calling you.

• Who That?

This is an app with a hilarious name and helps the users to access more than 400 million phone numbers and names. With this app users can perform an area code search for free. It’s important to note that you can be charged in case your search does not yield any results.

• Phone Lookup

With this app, you can easily find your friends’ cell phone numbers, names, address and also their landline numbers. Phone lookup app will also help you find unlisted numbers though at a fee. Like many other apps, you can buy this app for a very little fee.

• Mr. Number

This is an iPhone app that gives the users 20 free iPhone lookups. Mr. Numbers allows the users to access almost all number in US, including 80 percent of the landline numbers and more than fifty percent cell phone numbers.

• True Caller

The True Caller is great app that enables the users to update their phonebook with their phone numbers and addresses of any person who calls. The app can access more than 50 million phone numbers from 170 countries.

A phone lookup app can also be used to identify any person who could be harassing you. It may a case of somebody sending you upsetting message/voicemail, calling you or cyberstalking you. The app will help you to lookup the number of the caller and report it to the authority.