The Best Mobile Phone Caller ID Apps

December 25, 2014 Posted by communicator

These mobile phone caller ID apps can help you to identify anonymous callers; they can pull up the available details which are associated with a particular phone number. These details may include address, location, gender and name alongside other information about the owner of the number. The quantity of information will depend on the type of software being used. Some of the most common apps include:

TrueCaller; this is one of those versatile programs which is commonly used on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbian operating systems. It identifies your callers by their names; whether it is an international or a local call. Both the name and the number will appear on your phone’s screen. Another key feature which this application software comes with is the “True Score” which indicates to you how famous your number is.

ReverseGene; you can get this vital app from iTunes. Like the TrueCaller app; with ReverseGene, you will be able to identify your caller’s identity effortlessly. It actually doubles the phone number lookup. Another good thing about this software is that you can also search for Facebook profiles and picture which are associated with a particular number when you punch in the email address of the person who owns the number. Generally, this is a user friendly app which gives more detailed information about the owner of the number such as IP address, time zone, registration date, carrier information, phone number, real name, gender and physical address.

EveryCall Reverse; this is also another useful mobile application software though, it is slightly different from both ReverseGene and TrueCaller. It helps mobile phone users to identify spam and unwanted numbers. It is one of the most reputable community-based spam tracker which can identify all digits from robo-dialers and telemarketers spontaneously. It also gives its users with an opportunity to contribute to the community database by revealing information about unwanted numbers.

Cell Number Search; phone users with this application can identify callers, use it as a reverse number lookup and email address finder. You can go about all this process without your number being listed on the software’s database. This software goes for less than $2. Alternatively, for trial purposes, the Lite version is also available for free.

These apps are very essential since they give you an opportunity to know the person who is at the end of the line. This gives phone users to answer all their phone calls with confidence or decide to ignore those calls from people they do not to speak to.